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Electra-Dyne Company, Inc., is a dynamic company manufacturing electric fishing equipment for both the commercial and part-time fisherman.

We believe that our innovative line of rugged, high-quality pot pullers, haulers and winches fills a basic need of the fisherman who does not want to pull his gear by hand yet is unwilling to tackle the expensive and confusing world of hydraulics.


Electra-Dyne Co., Inc.​

Thank you for your interest in Electra-Dyne 12-volt electric fishing systems.  

Our haulers can be used for a variety of applications including lobster fishing, crab fishing, oyster harvesting, pulling up anchors and more!  We offer 3/4 HP and 1HP motors, 20:1 and 30:1 standard right-angle gear reducers, and either 10” or 12” sheaves on our haulers.  We mix and match according to the individual fisherman’s requirements for speed and power.  Consult the system information table to determine which model would best suit your purposes.

Electra-Dyne electric trap haulers are extremely easy to install, maintain, and can be serviced by their owners. Most of our haulers come completely assembled, few require only simple reassembly.  Our products are constructed from American-made components, are expertly crafted, and come with a tradition of design excellence and precision manufacture from our family-run business in Plymouth, Massachusetts.